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Bespoke Designs

At FINCHES we are able to design a bespoke silk that is truly unique to you.

All our silks start out from a photograph which has been take from a special occasion, this could be a wedding or a personal photo shoot.

Following the event FINCHES will select images which will be artistically designed and transformed into a luxury silk accessory of your choice.


Wilf is a stunning traditional coloured cob with the biggest personality. We spent the afternoon with Wilf and his owner on a personal photo shoot, capturing memories that will last a lifetime.

Now Wilf will always be close to her heart.

Bespoke design, "Wearable Memory"

Back to our roots...

Where Finches started, a bespoke silk designed from our photo shoot together. A great discovery from an image to a wearable memory to hold close to your heart


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